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Rust — Photo by Michael Jasmund on Unsplash

In all scholarly and scientific fields, organizing information is important for establishing frameworks for thought used in research and teaching. It assists in the formation of useful concepts and it serves to clarify terminology to assist both authors and readers.

Source: Dagobert Soergel — Organizing Information


A new wave of collaborative information-organising tools offers the ability to to

  • gather, find, collect
  • organize, categorize, tag, classify
  • present, illustrate and showcase
  • clip, collect,
  • visually organize (into categories, spaces, folders)
  • present existing information resources, documents, files and notes into professionally-looking reports, visual plans, directories, catalogs, guides.

These tools are different from the previous generation of consumer-level knowledge management, note-taking and wiki-like tools, that generally focused only on two or three basic key functions…

Little-known tools and apps that can help you increase the value of any published content

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Eight value-adding technologies for content

There are many ways of adding value to content.

Even after it has been published.

Adding Value Manually

To add value to content is the work of the content curator.

A good content curator has at his disposal 30 or more ways to add value to content beyond the value of the content itself.

For example, a curator adds value to an existing content by:

a) Providing Context and Viewpoint
Sharing interesting information is not good enough. To create value a content curator provides context to provide specific relevance, meaning and interpretation (with which eyes are we looking at this? From the perspective of *who* are we looking at this? With which specific interest/goal?) to whatever resource is being shared. …

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I am frequently asked if there are good examples of great content curators out there.

There are probably tens of thousands of them. But the problem is that it is not easy to spot them. They are not as visible and popular as your typical social media influencer.

Great content curators may not have a following nearly comparable to those of many social media influencers, but their impact can easily be much greater, deeper and longer lasting.

The List

The list that follows brings together only a very small sample of the many great content curators out there.

These listed here, are the ones I know. …

Ten Unique Characterising Traits of Valuable Content

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Ten characterising traits of high-value content — Image by Robin Good

You hear it constantly: create value for others!

But if you try to understand and define what exactly that “value” is, you may suddenly realise that something that is so much talked about, can be at times more than a little elusive to define with precision.

So my question is: is it possible to define what “value” really is when it comes to content?

Is value just a personal, subjective construct or is it something objective, that can be verified and even measured?

Is Value Objective or Subjective?

When talking about content, my view is that value is not a physical entity that can be openly detected. …

A catalog of real-world examples of editorial formats for curated content

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12 Approaches to Content Curation - © Robin Good, 2018

While you may be accustomed to think of content curation as a catalog of resources or commented links on a specific topic, there are many more ways that content can be curated to create value for others.

Annotated directories, anthologies, news-radars, compilations, playlists, reading guides, courses and textbooks are all different types of curated content formats.

Each format has its own key peculiarities, characterizing traits, specific areas of application and key strengths. What they have in common is their purpose: finding and organizing existing content artifacts to create new insight and shared value.

Here I have brought together and identified as many content curation formats as I am aware of, alongside real-world examples for each one. …

Advantages of collecting, adding value and sharing with intent

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Photo by Andrew Knechel on Unsplash

If you search on Google for the benefits of content curation, you will find tens of articles that praise the advantages that curation can bring to the world of marketing and specifically to the universe of content production.

But besides the doubtful truthfulness of their claims, none of them, is written by a content curation expert. They are all written by “interested” parties. Either by content marketers with little or no experience in practicing curation, or by founders or stakeholder in companies that sell “content curation tools” as a service.

I started noticing this pattern of bloggers and content marketers heavily promoting content curation as a cure-for-all medicine, when I saw that among the key benefits listed, there were always three totally misleading…

Possible roads to inform and motivate others to take on curation

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Photo by paul morris on Unsplash

If content curation, as I see it, is such a useful and needed social activity, wouldn’t anyone who is passionate about it desire to facilitate its discovery, understanding and adoption?

But how do you do that?

I have been thinking a lot about this issue, also because, I do realize that content curation is not something that can be picked up on the fly, like a new cool gadget you find along the way.

Content curation is a much more complex and challenging endeavor.
As I see it, it’s a lot like quitting to smoke.

It takes patience, determination, but most than anything else, it requires motivation. Having a crystal clear, deeply felt reason for doing it. …

Where and how the curatorial approach may bring more changes

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Waterloo Museum, Kitchener, Canada — Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

What may surprise you in the years to come, is not so much the critically important role that content curation will play in many of our activities, but the impact it will have on many aspects of our lives such as education, news and journalism, entertainment, marketing, design, ecommerce, art and, last but not least, online search.

Let’s look at some of these, in detail.

News and Journalism

Thanks to content curation, in the near future curated news hubs will bring together the top stories for any industry saving you the time that it would take to visit way too many sites and helping you discover new sources, sites and blogs which you did not know. …

The social value of selecting and organizing existing content

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Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

“When we curate content online, it enhances who we are, both in the sense of…
- we learn things, and we help to define ourselves by understanding our own interests — and in a more external way, by allowing other people to better understand who we are.

It becomes part of our ethos, part of our personal brand.

(Source: Dr. Gideon Burton of Brigham Young University http://sco.lt/7cPrPd)

key skills, character traits, attitudes and abilities of professional content curators

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Which are the key traits, the skills and the know-how required to be a professional content curator?

I have identified three groups of elements that characterize the profile of professional digital content curators:

For each one of these, I have highlighted key elements by defining what each one means (DEF), why it is important for a curator to have (WHY) and how it can be cultivated (HOW).

In this section I analyze the key Technical Know How areas that a professional content curator needs to be familiar with.

  1. Online Search
  2. Collecting / Gathering
  3. Archiving / Storing /…


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